What do you think of this poem thing?

She looks in the mirror wondering whats wrong with her.
Shes so perfect but broken inside.
She locks herself in her bed room & crys for hours, wondering why her mother doesn’t love her.
She has nothing to live for but the dream that one day she will be walking the cat walk in a beautiful vintage gown.
But that’s just a dream.
Do dreams ever come to she asks herself?
She doesn’t know why all the other girl are always more popular then her,
She doesn’t no why the boy never like her when in reality shes stunning,
but in side shes just a small unloved girl in a big outrageous world

i like it ... theres a couple spelling mistakes, but its really cute
god job ! :) <3
I think it's tragic. Vanity kills the soul. Good looks may help with a first impression, but they don't keep relationships going. This sounds like a massive pity party to me.
Pretty good with a bit of melancholy. Can be a reflection of the poet.
I think I could be reading my diary when I was about 12...I wonder why you've decided to put it up here - in psychology specifically. I think if these feelings are more than a passing thing - especially the mother stuff - you should talk to someone; your doctor is a good place to start. That's what I think. :)
Yes your poem have a meaning. However you have to work more to improve your style..cuz this poem seems descriptive to a certain feeling...but i\ifyou want to be more poetic you have to make rhyme, or metaphore.

I wish you good luck!
I think it starts of well. I like the first three lines (other than the 'perfect' part) but then it goes to this shallow place. It started out with being broken inside and lacking a mothers love but then goes to being all about wanting to be a model, being pretty, why boys don' t like her and popularity.

I wish it had continued the way it started ie with some substance and depth.

I could answer this girls questions... The other girls are more popular than her because they aren't so vain... boys don't like her because she is too into herself.

I would worry about any girl who feels the only thing she has to live for is walking down a catwalk... That is so sad. It seems this girl sees nothing past the surface of herself or anything. Also the fact that if she makes it to the catwalk it would not be in a vintage gown as they aren't shown on the catwalk... it would be in haute couture which I imagine is what she was thinking off.

If I knew a girl like this I would have to shake her up... tell her to read a few papers about what goes on in the world then maybe she would see what she has to live for, be a bit more humble and as such lovable and likeable.

This girl seems to self indulgant and with massive blinkers on. There is nothing 'real' here. If you were going to explore something about a young girls self image I would need to see more of the 'broken inside' part to justify the vanity etc.

To me I guess it just comes over as a female teenager who hasn't really known much pain and is having a bit of a tantrum based on very basic and unimportant stuff.


On the plus side again I think it starts very well and you have a nice use of words there (bar the odd typo)... I suppose my problem with it is the theme. I just cant relate to this character and have no sympathy for her... Mind you if that is what the writer wanted then it is an excellent job.

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