*I hate him when I'm high*?

*I am so in love with this guy, and he happens to be very into drugs. The problem is, when I'm high around him I don't want him to touch me at all, or even talk to me. I feel gross for being with him and I feel like what we have is total ****. This is pretty much the complete opposite of how I feel normally. So is what I'm feeling real, is it ****? And is it normal to feel this when I'm high?*

you could be paranoid when you are high. that happens a bit. maybe you should lay offa the drugs and think about it.
You cannot make any determination of truth when you are under the influence of drugs. Your brain is not functioning correctly, so you should not operate on the basis of anything you think while you are high. And the non-high periods in between are not valid either, since your brain is still being affected by the drugs. Only when you have completely withdrawn from the drugs and allowed enough time to pass for your brain to return to normal functioning can you analyze the situation correctly. However, I would say that anyone who cooperates with you in your drug life is a person who is toxic to you and should be removed from your life.
The thing is, it's not normal to be high, yet your talking like it is. Drugs can do some crazy junk to the different homones and in yout brain, causing those that are prevalent when you are actually feeling those feelings, to be around whether you truly feel that way or not. In reality, you are just damaging your relationship.

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