Why am i so down?

ok, here you have a normal girl, who has all the frndz she could want and above average scores. she aint poor and her family isnt messed up either? everythings almost perfect! then why does she feel like perishing, dying almost! she can do what she wants but she does nothing, she just sits there, trying not to cry, or be depressed. what the heck is wrong wid me??!!!

judging by the way you wrote this its probably teen angst
You need to be spanked! LOL!
well u try talking to her and saying wtf wat has been up with you lately i mean you arent acting the same. go see a counsolur
talk to a doctor.
MAKE yourself do something. Get a hobby...

Drink more water.
girl i fell the same way sometimes i just wanna give up n die but i look at god n ask him to help me n he dose so dont give up cause hes allways on your side k
You're down because you're a woman.

Statistics show that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men.

Statistics show that women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety disorder as men.

Statistics show that women are twice as likely to attempt suicide as men.

It's great to be a man.
Interesting fact: More suicides occur during times of peace than war.

Moral of the story? With no challenges or adversity in persons life, they will naturally turn to mesh. You need some challenges - maybe you are too close to the target and everything is too easy for you. Do something that requires you to fail some of the time - then you will not be down do much.

Oh, and understand the natural flows of life help too.
Depressive people can't help to feel that way. One day you're fine, the other you're down even when everything in their lives seems to be OK. I am depressive, I cry for nonsense, the most simple things can break me down. Professional help is always needed.

Cry if you feel like crying, that's helpful. It helps to get ride of the sadness and don't fell bad for doing it, you have to take it as it is a disease.
it could be the pressure from it all. remember that it okay to cry.
That is adolescence...Whatever you've got in your life even if you have everything you wish for,that doesn't have anything to do about how you feel.You have the normal depression that teens have time to time...I had it too and toooooo much...Thank God it's over now..It will be over for you too..The worst thing about this is that you think you are ungrateful and don't appreciate the things you've got..But it's normal,it's the hormonal changes..
Always tell yourself the good things you ve got in your life and that billion other people don't have these and you ll feel better.And remember this Paulo Coehlo wrote:"The more gratitude you feel,the more things you'll have to be grateful for''..
Could be that you have found a little safety-zone. A place where you don't have to try things that might expose a weakness or threaten failure. A place where you've convinced yourself that you're a victim and have no control. Some people make a life out of blaming everything on anything. Don't become one of these. Summon the courage for truth and truth will give you courage!

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