A poem about anger?


A volcanic eruption
A violent disruption
An angry glare,
An icy stare
That makes your heart skip a beat
But it takes courage to take the heat.

A hurtful word
That stabs like a sword
Yelling and screaming
The words lose their meaning
Yet you take a stab in the dark
Every word in the moment missing its mark.

A nasty blow
To the body and soul
Throbbing with pain
Tears falling like rain
It takes time to heal
From the pain that you feel.

A flickering flame
You have lost the game
But both drop their swords
Putting an end to angry words
Because a fight is merely a fight
Inflicting pain just isn't right.

I am 13 and don't know much about "proper" writing...but don't be afraid to be brutal. Ugh, I'll admit writing that part later XD. Thanks 4 reading!

PS - this should probably be in the poetry section but it wasn't on the recommended category list...

Quite interesting . You dont have to know 'proper' writing in poetry just let your feelings go wild.
sounds good
its a great poem.

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