Im going to be getting a BA in psychology what job can I get with that?

There is not much you can do with a psych degree. I just dont want to be stuck doing administrative work which i could be doing without a degree. I realize that there isnt much you can do without the masters or the Phd.My gpa isnt great at all and so grad school is out for awhile. I dunno I just need ideas.

I have a BA and an MA in Psychology and a MSW in Social Work. The only jobs around here are part-time because they don't want to pay benefits and can get away with it. I also don't get paid unless a client is in front of me, so I don't get paid if when I do paperwork or if the client does not show up. On a good day half the clients show up and I get paid for 5 hours, which is around 60 dollars before taxes for an 10 or 11 hour day.
really nothing you need a masters and phd. but try social work
a friend of mine got a job with an insurance company in dallas - making mental health provider referrals to the insured people. I think she said that the people call in and discuss some of their symptoms and then she tells then what kind of doctor they need to go see. She loves it and feels like she is actually using her degree. good luck!
There are many jobs you can do. If there open or not is another issue. However, no offense, but you should do some research before you do something. Go to! You will find so much information at this web site. Good luck.
You are correct. You are really limited with a bachelor's degree.
Here is an article from the American Psychological Association that describes what opportunities that are available to you:

With my bachelor's degree, I worked as a counselor in a group home, as a substitute teacher, and in an outpatient mental health program. You can also work as a psychiatric tech in an inpatient program.

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