Is there something that you hate?

And Why?

I love everyone and everything.

After all, "Love is all you need..."

-John Lennon
Too much lately. I hate what's happening to my country because I fear it will be destroyed. I hate child molesters for obvious reasons. I hate the way criminals are coddled in our country. Things are getting worse. Maybe hate isn't actually the word. Maybe it's just worry. And on that note, I'm shutting down my comp. Thank you.
yes, many many things; for many different reasons, some of them I'm not sure of, but some stuff just ticks me off.
College Algebra! haha really! I suck at it so bad!! That was the first thing that popped into my mind!
So many things especially when people lie, there is no reason for it. Secreative people is a no no for me. But oh well, oh and another thing I have is animal cruelty. People that are cruel to animals deserve the same treatment.
i just hate negative energy on anything,people,things,words,p...
Well I really don't like horses. I would not use the word hate it is a very strong word. I am not sure why I really dont like them, all my life I have always had a fear of them. I think it was when i was little i had a horse themed birthday party and my mom had rented 2 horses to come to the party. I remember how big they were and how small I was and I probably just thought that sice they were so big they must have been mean. But that is the only thing I really don't like.
Grom ... How about bad people? Reason: Self-explanatory.

Perhaps I should elaborate. "Bad people" is defined as murderers, thieves, rapists and other molesters ... and that trucker who was tail-gating me at a distance of just 5 feet (less than half a car length) while I was doing 70 mph in the right lane of a 3-lane interstate.
Yes...ignorance...because it's chosen.
Selfishness, because it is unnecessary.
I hate confrontation. i like peace.

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