It is said that we use a millionth part of our brain, the mind awakes when we realise and meet God..?

our brain has immense powers, if we use the brain to its fullest then we can perform miracles, mother Teressa said that when our mind is enlightened then we learn so many things in a second that otherwise would take a million years to learn.
your views please...

"It is said" ... pretty passive. Who said it under what
actually we use 10% of our brain. I dont know what god your talkinga about, people belive in different gods.
Yes the brain is made of matter that is indestructible .Never had it not existed and neither will it cease to exist if the sun wer to become a white dwarf or a black hole .Matter has been there and it has no relevance to time .it is unborn and undying. All the functions that ae happening in the body from the level of the cells in all he organs are controlled and directed by the brain only. it is really powerful and if properly exercised , it can do wonders. Miracles ar those that we do not understnd .many miracles of the past have become simple routines in the present times
100% true. Realised souls by deep and long years of meditation can do every activity right from the 'soul'. There will be miraculous outcome; because it is from the soul the thoughts are pure actions are pure and many wonders can be done by them.

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