What can we do when we are unhappy,sad??????...

I remember from high school science, that tears release toxins from the body. I good cry can be very good and cleansing. You feel exhausted afterward, but I think that's good. It kind of re-boots yourself. Now, I'm not saying cry everyday, but every-so-often, i think a good cry is necessary for mental health. Then, like some of the others said, try focusing on something/someone else. Get involved in a project, or try helping people. Sometimes a random act of kindness to a stranger can really boost your own morale. And I know it sounds corny, but I have found that putting good vibes out there comes back to me. Or if there is a specific reason one is unhappy, don't just settle for it. We are masters of our own lives. If it's your job, the place you live or even the place you are mentally. Take control. Make decisions. The best thing you can do is make a good decision, the 2nd best thing is to make a mistake, but the worst thing you can do is NOTHING. Change your circumstances.
Also, you would be surprised how much effort and energy it takes to be sad, and wallow in it. It takes a little effort to force you out of that state of mind, but once you're in a better place mentally, it doesn't take that much energy to sustain.

P.S. I'm just talking about being sad or unhappy. Not clinically depressed or any other mentally/chemically controlled reasons.
I can't speak for us. But, I've decided to kick myself in the pants, and get on with it. ;) Wink!
Just cheeeeer up.take it easy;dats all.
"I can make myself to be happy", but how about you?

You may do activities that make you feel happy, provided the situation is appropriate to be happy!!
If possible, soak up some sun. If that's not possible, kick back on a comfy chair, make some tea (always comforting to me), put the stereo on and listen to some favorite tunes. 20 minutes later, life seems a bit better!
i dont know what to tell you but what works for me is doing something i like to do, be that taking a walk, calling a friend, listening to music, see if that help any.
i dont rilly know the answer cuz i was sad just once in my life.i cheered up that time wen i thought of someone special to me.whom i care for n love.wen u cry the ppl round u wont be happy so think bout them.i mean best frnds, friends n him or her who is so into u n sad wen u r sad.
Try to forget about yourself and pay attention to others. This is because being unhappy comes often from personal problems. Thinking about others leaves us less time to think about our problems. And maybe you find yourself useful to someone else and generally this brings some good feeling in your life. Another effect is you notice other people are in a worse situation. It could happen to you but it didn't.
Try to find out reason of being sad and unhappy, think what can make you happy, go for it and do your best ....
Dont keep sadness inside, talk about it with someone, let your feelings come out and you'll feel much better.
Wish you laughter and happiness :)

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