Am I going through a phase?

I'm 16 years old and the oldest of 5 other children. My mom had me young and I grew up fast.. I started babysitting at age 7. Although my mom's highest "degree" is 8th grade, I'm extremely smart, always straight A's, top of my class, a hard worker. I know everyone expects it from me, noone pushes me, and I'm told school is a waste of time. In April and May I just completely did not go to school. I felt like I was working for nothing but grades. The only thing that I wanted out of life was love, which was always provided from my boyfriend since I was 11. The only important thing to me is my boyfriend. My mom told me it was a phase, but now I'm interested in doing online schooling, which is just general schooling, when just a few months before I was in all advanced classes. I'm living with my boyfriend who is now 19 and I want to break away from my family and be near his. I know school is important, but I can never really find anything to look forward to and it's kind of boring.

look first of all, times are very diffrent, ant responsiblities such as yours happen at 16, 14 and for some 12. First thank god for a man who supports you that long. and 2nd finish school i am 22 know and I am going back to pursue my marketing degree now, i should have been on that 4 years ago. but it okay, see I dropped out at 16, i didnt have a boyfriend like you lucky lady but what I have now is insomnia and depressions. You know why? I missed prom, graduation, kickin it, you name it, and i feel old now. Because I had so many important things on my plate. Look girl, follow YOUR heart and please please please - DONT feud with your mother about this - 1st appreciate her giving a damn ( mine didnt) Your mother is tring to keep you polished. Love her for that. I kick my but EVERYDAY because I didnt have direction like you. Obey your mother you said at the begining of your question she started having babies young. Not saying that your gonna be a running aronf but If you give high school your missing on the most monumental 4 years of your life. I can bet my life on that. Baby girl, grow slow and enjoy that man and those books. , you seem mature but grow slow. embrace life patiently, responsibility isnt so exciting
Go to school so that you can don't have to go back and do it later. You are going to need it in the work force.
I think that you should do online schooling as long as you can be self-motivated to do the work.

Things will get better for you,best of luck.
Just transfer to the public school near your boyfriend and his family. Look up online how to do it. If your boyfriend loves you, he'll support your decision to do so. It really will look much better on a job application or resume if you go to regular school. Also, you sound like college material, and it will help you go there, too.

And while I don't think your love for this guy is a phase, I do think that not wanting to go to school is. After you live together a little while, you'll probably regret not going to regular school.
Sweety, You have missed out on your childhood. Being the oldest sibling has exacted its toll and I know exactly what you are saying. I am the oldest of nine and helped raise the younger kids.
Regarding whether you should finish on line or at public school, I would say public. At least you will be in the mainstream w/ other kids your age.
i think online schooling sounds like a good option. whatever you do dont drop out. it is much harder to go back and finish later then it would be to just finish now. good luck
I gotta say something, I quit school but it was of my own choice now more mature i am getting my head straight and finally heading off to university so anyone who says someone who quit school will be a loser and not have a life in 5 years will be pumping gas so i mean this your call if you really want something you have strive so hard in life and not sit back on your lorels. If you have a dream a huge dream push so hard until you feel at breaking point don't give up ever on those dreams of what you want to achieve in life. 100 years may seem like a long time but it isn't really just go for it push on for your dreams do what you want i go by this certain saying " you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family"

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