How come actors are usually never as suicidal as other artists?

Aside from Marily Monroe, the biggest names of the suicidars
are usually musicians and painters; Though River Phoenix' OD, wasn't a suicide, he wasn't hoping to stay healthy by snorting that much coke- with all due respect to the deceased.

As for your question; Actors usually are more vain than the other artist, they love themselves too much to let the darkness take them away from the fame they are living for. That having said, they are more pragmatic and ambitious and naturally want recognition and respect for their art, and except for the eternal indie kings and queens, yes, they want money and fame, lot and lots of it.
Take, people like angelina jolie, whose agent has been trying to re-create her image from the maneater, home--wrecker with no moral values, to the refugee worker, but nobody seemed to buy it, hence she crashed and burned at the box office-again.
The reason I brought her up is this is a woman who has reportedly contemplated suicide a number of times and had cut herself repeatedly, but she makes "her people" instruct all the mothers to avoid talking to her and avoid having eye- contact with her when she goes to drop off the kids at the day care.

The bottom line is gi-normous ego and self-elimination don't go together.
Hope this answers your question.
If that's true, my theory is that they never have to deal with feelings of suicide because the are always pretending to be someone else. Plus, through their characters they get to release a lot of intense feelings. So, those negative feelings don't get to build up.
Have you ever heard of evil spirits being known as suicidal spirits? They enter the minds unprotected and causes people to commit this evil act upon themselves, whether they are actors, artists, or Mary down at the bar. People of all walks of life need to understand spiritual things and how to have the power to act with that understanding. This will eliminate suicide from this world.
My guess would be because they get to work out a lot of emotion by constantly being in the role of another person. I've heard actor's on television interviews say that the experience is often very therapeutic for them.
they got money to buy drugs to feel good and buy treatments like local drug cleaning institution.

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