Is there a way to overcome being so self-concious?

everyday when you wake up say 4 positive affermations about yourslef- and soon you will feel confident in your self and better about everything with a positive attitude- be opitimistic. =]
Yeah stop asking people how not to be so self conscious and get over yourself.
think of the problem you think is the most private you have, the one you think you the only one to have.
then take a google on it...
Have more self esteem...
It's something that just takes time. I was super self-conscious for a long time, and finally I got over it. I guess there's always professional help for it, is it's seriously debilitating. But otherwise, find something you're good at (it could be anything, writing, drawing, cooking, a sport, dancing, art, could be as simple as being friendly) then use that gift A LOT...people will start to notice and will compliment you on it, and you will gain self-confidence. It worked for me!
The only way is to put yourself out there. It sounds dumb, but once you have done it, you know you can do it.
I think you just need to get use to people. If you expose yourself into more people then maybe you won't be self conscious anymore

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