What would make a person think in such a fatalistic way?

When I went out with a friend, we didn't talk much and it just didn't go well. I know it's not anyone's fault, yet I feel crushed. We don't live closeby and can't get together often.

It seemed like, as the day went on, I started feeling more detached. I guess I really hoped I could make her happy but I feel like I let her down (I know a person can't "make" another person happy, but for some reason, I'm always wanting to).

Somehow I am convinced that this is it...if we can't talk in person, there is no chance, right? Granted, this kind of thing has happened with other people I went on to be good friends with, but why am I being such a downer?

Why would someone think their whole friendship was over after one bad experience? I usually don't think like this, but for some reason I am. She emailed me, although the email was pretty neutral and didn't mention anything about feelings about yesterday...

What can I do?

firstly you do not own your friends problem, so please try not to, you will feel a bit down and lousy as you had expectations for that day and they just did not pan out at all like you hoped.

Your friend may need some space and time to find a resolution to her own problems or to understand how she is feeling, give her that time.

give yourself a little time, to get over the situation, and do something for you that is fun, later you may be able to talk to your friend about what happened.

Quite often these situations resolve quickly

Good luck your friend is lucky to have you even if she does not realise it now she will in time
you and i are too similar.except i have learned that i dont need to please everyone, and if i upset someone, i wont be crushed and feel bad for weeks.
first of all, you arent a downer at all! perhaps you have a sensitive personality!
maybe she was happy, and you thought she wasnt from some notion that you had to talk her ear off, or be what you arent.
did she talk much? if not, why isnt it her fault for disapppointing you?
overall i think this:no, people talking in person is a nervous thing, never good for new relationships...always awkward, unless there is a big talker and a big listener involved. then it goes quite well.
she probably feels a bit as you do, and doesnt know what to think, and maybe she fees like your lack of talk means you dont like her.(that is what i would think).
good luck
On the surface it would sound like just one of those things. But if you are feeling bad about it, then is there some particular reason for you, alone, to feel that you did something wrong? If so, figure it out and try to fix it. If you can't find anything to lay at your own door, then my next best guess would be that you are worried for your friend. If you can't come up with anything that way, then you must write it off as "one of those things". But you could then jump-start things by trying to have a laugh with her. Maybe e-mail her a joke and pay attention to what kind of reaction you get. Perhaps it would hold a clue of some kind.
i agree, sometimes if you want do something that result aren't you want
just take it easy or let it be

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