Why do teens always end up being someone bad for adults?

I always hear about teens as the lost generation..I'll be turning seventeen this year and I'm already a first year college..I'm just confused about how adults treat teens..this is not for me because I perfectly understand but for additional information so I can help other teens who doesn't know and understand anything..

teens today are under alot of pressure to grow (physically), get enough sleep and perform well at school and at extra curricular activities.. that is asking alot and sometimes teens (i am one, so i can speak for myslef here) just can't make it all work (which is something we are known for doing fairly well) and adults tend to recognize that and take advangtage of it (with the way they treat them and think of them). WE are also under alot of pressure to make decisions about post secondary, often time maintin relationships and just make things work perfectly (which = alot of stress) and do it all with a smile on our faces.
Always? I don't think so.
Every generation says that about the next one. Your parents' parents said the same thing. Don't worry. It is no big deal

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