Why am I dreaming of ex's and could-have-beens?

Lately, I've been having one dream after another, one weirder than the other - it seems that my dreams are working backwards in my relationships, making me dream of men who in my past I've either been mad about, or whom I've had a relationship with.

I usually don't have dreams like that, unless I recently met the person in the dream or am about to see them again (yes, it's happened before)

I've also started thinking more about men whom I have been out with or who were basically hurt by me (and whom I feel sorry for...) or men - and this one is sticking for some reason - who I've been attracted to, but it never worked out because I was holding back too much.

I'd say, from my experience, that I will be seeing those men again soon enough, or hear from them again. But either way, it's basically eating me alive, cos with the memory of those men, also comes the thought of what could have been...

Any help?

The direct answer is regret.
--You regret a missed opertunity of great importance.
--You regret the way you have treated surtian men as a direct
infringement of your good nature.
--You regret choosing a physical or shalow over that person you

Life is about eliminating potential regrets. These dreams overall are trying to tell you that. They aren't exactly trying to punish you rather slap you on the *** and tell you to "live more in the moment!"
This happens to me sometimes. I think of girls I have gone out with in the past and should have married. It generally happens when I am not thrilled with my current situation - job or relationship or social like in general. It passes. I just keep a possitive attitude and rember that the only thing that matters is the present. Living is the past is a seriously bad habit.
Let go of the past and maybe you're dreams will too

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