What is the psychological term for someone who assumes everyone shares their problem?

For example, if someone discovers they're an alcoholic, they begin to act as though everyone who drinks at all is an alcoholic, and needs help. Or a person diagnosed with diabetes suddenly assumes everyone who eats sugar at all is at risk... etc. etc.

It is clearly a cognitive bias, but I don't know how any term for a cognitive bias that relates to only transferring problems. It is a form of confirmation bias at the least Please note that this this explanation doesn't preclude the other post about projection. One of these terms may better describe what you are thinking, but they are both children of the same phenomenon. See the attached link on confirmation bias.
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Are you thinking of the term "Projection"? http://www.alleydog.com/glossary/definit...

I certainly understand what you're talking about! Someone I know went through a challenging phase where everyone around her was assumed to be addicted to something- if you didn't drink you were addicted to work, if you didn't work long hours you were addicted to love. If your relationships were fine you were addicted to your pets or your hobby or your religion or whatever. Very annoying!

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