Do you think a general understanding of infinite is essential to be a true intellect.?

Infinite as in large and small. Because I know many people who are smart and have very good grades, but they always seemed rather daft personally. And in having a discussion with a flock of them and getting on the topic-they seemed to have no conception of what was going on.

It seems you are wondering whether the ability and inclination to discuss abstract concepts, such as infinity, is a sign of intellectual maturity. In short, YES—a certain degree of general knowledge and an ability to articulate thoughts clearly is necessary to carry an engaging conversation about abstract ideas. However, I have heard fascinating reflections on abstract concepts from kindergarten pupils who have just recently discovered new words (including infinity) and were trying to understand them by asking questions and describing the meaning in their own limited vocabulary. What marvelous stories they had to tell! Thus, it seems curiosity is the basic prerequisite for an engaging discussion on abstract topics, or any subject for that matter.

Also, good grades indicate only that someone is diligent and has a good memory, not that they aspire to intellectual conversation. As for personality, it doesn’t require much intelligence—hey, even a gerbil can have a personality.

Eleanor Roosevelt said once: "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people."
There are many different types of intellects - you have the ones that are into science and math, and then the ones who are obsessed with books and literature and philosopy. There are musical geniuses, creative writing intellects... and then there are the ones like you are saying, that are incredibly good at math but who do not know how to cross the street. :)
ahh, but you have limited your scope by focusing on such and infinitely unimportant aspect of the human psyche! :P

lack of common sense does not necessarily transfer into a lack of understanding of infinity.. or in the humbling effect that can have.... and a true intellect may just have spent all their time thinking on other things...and not made it to infinity yet.... in the end.. they may be correlated, but they are not causal/effect related and you are giving this way too much thought.. at least for a post in psychology... try this question in philosophy and I think you'll get more of the answers you are looking for
Yes. Thats the different between plain, basic smart people and intellects, or geniuses
Yes..The reverence for God is just the beginning of true wisdom.

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