Is there a conspiracy against me? there surley must be because?

ive joined myspace a year ago and a dating site called plentyoffish, ive put photos of myself on there, and ive left dozens of messages, hundreds for pretty nice girls, just leaving nice friendly messages like,...' hi my names lewis, im 29, looking to meet new people and friends, wanna chat sometime? tkcre.... but im telling ya, no girl ever replies or gets back to me..its like i got leporasy or something, and theres a general rule of thumb. dont contact lewis!! grrr ( clenching my teeth) im struggling with borderline personality at the moment and are very isolated and alone, i live by myself in my council flat, trying to fight for a future and get well. so at this time i very much need company and friends. especially the company of a girl. but im not getting that. i have incredable feelings of abandonment. i want nothing more than to: cope. be in employment. have friends. have a girlfriend. relocate from manchester uk. emmegrate. these are my dreams. im 29 and my life so miserable

well maybe you just don't have that "IT" thing going on for you . try your luck outside the computer . maybe girls will like you if they actually meet you !
No, it is normal. For every girl on a dating site there are probably 10 guys so they get 100s messages every day and don't reply to most. Also many dating sites put up fake pictures of women that don't exist to get you to join.
I think you already know what your 'problems' are. That is a step in the right direction to helping solve them. But do not focus so hard on having a girlfriend. Focus on other things you have more control over and the rest will follow.
hhmmm,i wonder why you get no replies??
Wow! Your dreams are just like mine.

I have the opposite problem. Whenever I post a piccy of meself online, all I attract are... hmm... wot's a nice way of putting this?... don't want to get reported again..
wow...i think it is time for you to seek professional help, and if you are, it needs to get more aggressive...You are so depressed..Don't worry about a girlfriend...take care of you first before you can get involved with someone, which can be a rollercoaster ride all in itself.
catch 22
u need to be cocky and cheeky
dont be needy its a malodorous perfume
youre probly isolated because you dont go anywhere. go out, find people not online, (because to me, if they really wanted to find someone, they wouldnt be in their house either) sign up for a class or club or gym or something. btw, dont tell them right off hand about your disorder. people dont sit down and say, "hi im kate. i have irritable bowel syndrone..." wait a few dates before you say all that. good luck!
Perhaps it's cause you sit and moan about things so much. Good things don't fall in your lap, you have to achieve goals yourself.

Women don't find moany pansy's very attractive.
Hey come on lad if your putting anything like the above in your profile, its no wonder girls are not replying look at the following as to how girls would be thinking of your profile:-

1, Borderline personality..Manic Depressive
2, Council Flat......No prospects
3, Live In Manchester....No prospects
4, Unemployed....Couch potato
5, Dreams......precisely that

I am not getting at you, just making suggestions as to how to change how your putting yourself across.
Maybe you should try NOT posting a picture. Alot of people are just too into that sort of thing. Getting to know somebody without knowing what they look like means that you are real. The friendship is built on your character and not some fantasy body or something. Also, sometimes, at least in those types of chat rooms, women dont want to talk to 'A Nice Guy', those types are usually more into egotistical macho men..
Maybe your postings are to gay.
think your problem is in the depressing way you come across. try be a bit more positive. leave the negatives out. everyone likes talking to someone who makes them feel good.
Time to face some ugly facts. YOU are the one who is making yourself miserable, and you won't get any better by staying cooped up and complaining all the time. So get out and about; if you don't want to volunteer somewhere, go to the library and educate yourself. Start with Psychology; learn about your problems and what you can DO about them, and then DO IT. Make yourself more interesting to women! Study one or two other subjects as well. Stop dreaming and start doing. You could start by using the "Check Spelling" function in future. Old saying: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!".

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