What was the hardest lesson you ever learnt?

A trip to the blender cannot end well for me.
That all men are heartless sods.
Dont fall over
Always listen to yourself never listen to other people.
to never wish anything bad on anyone as it will surely rebound on you ...
Apparently the hardest lesson you've NEVER learn"t" is English.
MARRIAGE, and I am serious.
Don't eat make-up. Not only does it taste disgusting, but it makes your girlfriend really angry too!
If you do not have good memory, don't tell lies!!
Loving someone with all your heart is not always good enough.
Hey Katlyn! that isnt very nice! we're not all heartless sods, just some, you gotta give everyone an equal chance!if sometimes we are out of order, its normally cos we think its for your own good, not cos we're heartless!
Hell has no furry like a woman spermed
Don't take no s**t off people, stand your ground.
don't chase after anything, if it was meant to be it will come to you
You can't hurt the ground by attacking it with your knee caps
I've learned that love is like your favorite beer. Moderate amount could make you hyper. Too much of it would make you look stupid...
The lesson that I am still alive and I am worth more potential and can be actualized... I am still in the process of living my life and dying to live... I hope you get that... That was the hardest.. I thought I was alone.. yes, but I have others to share it with... I thought I was dumb, but someone told me that it is just a word... I felt no one loves me, but I looked around and there was a lot of people just waiting to be asked to love me. Some are even giving it without me knowing... It is living and loving and learning the greatest lesson I learned...

We think much less than what we know...
We know much less than what we love...
We love much less than what there is...
To this precise extent, we are much less than what we are...

Hope you like it...;-)
I am still learning.
To learn from your mistakes because regret is a waste of time.and also not to trust people entirely because dreadful things can happenif you do.
my "previous" life, my mistakes, way of life and so on. now i have to "pay" because of that mistakes. but now i'm doing fine
that you shouldnt just trust a person because they tell you they are trust worthy... and you certainly shouldnt sleep with that person untill you KNOW that they are trust worthy!
It's a lesson found in a subject called Add-Maths.The lesson is Logarithms.
something that might feel right to you may seem bad to others so think of the consequences before hand
don't get drunk you show yourself up doing and saying things you would not normally do been there got the trophy
DONT leave things to the last minute
never do to others wat u dunt want others do back to u...
n awalys trust ur heart...
that at eight years old theres no escape
Always look both ways before you cross the road.
At the age of 25 id just got into the fire service, was fit , healthy, and thought nothing would ever phase me.I had my own house , gd friends and was happy in myself.My mum died 3 months later, im now nearly 32 and have only just got to terms with her death and got much needed help.I lost my house, got into about 100k of debt , lost my mind, alot of my friends and nearly all my family.I drank alcohol everyday , took pills, leant unsavoury people money , got abused severly in relationships.Basically i was a magnet for anything crap.Best thing that ever happened to me was having a nervous breakdown, was a wake up call.Now im feeling more and more like i was before my mum died, i have no debts , am healthy , and well on the way to being mentally healthy. Just proves that no-one is bullet-proof.
People don't actually like giving me their tax money.
that the others don't control my life I make it!

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