Is this life, or are we just being good at looking busy?

Slaves to a new kind of master, Money… Is this life? With bills and other shite to pay, we can’t ever keep up. I’m a freelancer and if I’m sick for one month I’m dead. So is running and just keeping ahead of bills the way to go? What happened to quality time with friends and family or am I being old fashioned.

One key to unburden your anxiety about the future is to make a concerted and prolonged effort to accumulate enough savings so that you can easily circumvent any short periods of reduced remuneration.

You might have to work an extra job or take on more freelance work for several months to accumulate the extra cash.

However, it will allow you to be more relaxed about the future if you know you can sustain yourself with your accumulated savings.

Sacrifice in the short term for long term ease of mind.

You can still party. Just later.
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