How do I unlabel myself?

A great deal of people believe I'm a pyscho and a stalker. I'm very introverted, and I seem like a complete jerk because I don't talk to anyone. I really don't want to talk to people I don't know and become open around campus. How do I unlabel myself without changing my personailty?

Simple stop caring what people think and stop believing you have that label.
It's a complex question. I wonder if there are any people with whom you share common interests that you would like to spend time with doing, sports, movies, music, etc. Maybe finding others with common interests will help you to not feel as though you are introverted. Aside from this, treat other people with respect and they shouldn't think you are a jerk.
Take some training in assertive communication skills. It will help both your communication and your self confidence. But it is ok to be quiet. Just don't be too shy.
i ahd that same problem you cant really unlabe yourself if its at the stage that your in with out showing your true personallity if you really that jerk that everyone says then prove them right and if your not then prove then wrong just act like yourself
You see... People think you are psycho and all these negative stuff because they don't know you, and that's because you don't converse to them. Humans fear things they do not understand. Like aliens, and supernaturals, and psychotic killers (You are NOT in anyway psycho k?).

I was like you too during my tertiary years of study. I rarely talked. People either find me amazing or total jerk. I didn't knoe why too. I was labelled "cool", "act cool", "Mr-Think-He's-So-Handsome", "blah-blah-blah". But all I wanted was to be alone. Do the things I liked. If you don't like to talk, just smile and greet the people you know in the campus when you see them. BUT I seriously think you should try communicating with them sometimes. Sometimes we say we don't like it, but actually we are just afraid to open ourselves to others, fearing that they might hurt us deeply one day. I don't know about you, but having friends who joke and "talk crap" with you is one of the most enjoyable thing in this world...

Lastly, we are not items with labels. We are who we are, and other's perception of you can never be perfect.
Be proud of you.
Show everyone how you excell at the things you do.
Try and hang around like-minded people.

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