What's going on with me?

One minute I'm really happy the next I'm in tears and feel really low, I have spoken to my doctor, but no help

It's symptoms of depression, you don't have to suffer alone but please hunni don't let it get to the stage where things are so bad that you do silly things. I never seeked help when I started feeling this way and a few months later I began to harm myself without even realising. Please speak to your doctor or a counsellor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
maybe you have something deep down bothering you but your not aware of it. or maybe you know what it is but somehow you are trying to avoid it .
How old are you?
If in teens, mood swings are normal.
Go back and have a longer chat with your GP. Tell him/her exactly how you feel, they cannot go on ignoring what's obviously a problem to you.
go back to your doctor and DEMAND to be referred to mental health services
It sounds like you have some form of depression. The question is how do you feel when you start to cry and why?
well something is giving you a problem, with out knowing more can not answer the question really .sorry
I have seen this type of behavior which is generally form of bi-polar disorder. In sense one minute you happy and next minute you find yourself depressed. All I can tell you is that you need to keep yourself busy more to avoid those downtimes.
poor thing
go to another doctor
i sounds like bipolar depression
There could be several reasons.
Could it be hormonal?
Another possibility is some food intolerance.
If you are worried, ask to see another doctor. Unfortunately, some doctors, for whatever reason, won't tackle emotional problems.
Don't let it just stay there. Notice if there are certain times when it's worse. Get a handle on it and then see your doctor again.
That happens to me everyday, I think its normal.
Okay, it could be a number of things, you should know within yourself whether something is bothering you, and you haven't given details so I might presume that there isn't anything big that you can think would trigger this off.

Have you been taking any medication, or changed your contraceptive pill, as it could be a hormonal problem, you need to speak to someone close to you, your mother maybe and you must go to the doctors and explain to him exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes we go to the doctors with an illness or problem, and as soon as we enter the room we're all smiles at the doc, he might think it's not a big problem.

Try to really think what could be the problem and talk to someone about it. I really hope you get this sorted soon :0)
It could be a number of things,it could be pmt ,the weather,or it could be a drop in your hormone levels.IHas your doctor done a blood test if he/she hasn't offered you a blood test then demand one that's the only way to know,even though you are only 18 some women do enter the Menopause very early.Women who are on the verge of menopause go through these symptoms,along with night sweats/hot flushes.The drop in hormone levels causes mood swings.One minute happy then sad and bucketfuls of tears,
and depression.Get your GP off his/her bum and have the blood test.. Hope everything goes well for you
Get evaluated for bi-polar disorder.
i feel like that sometimes and have decided its best not to concentrate on fears cos it only makes them worse and gets you down. you have power over your thinking.

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