How to overcome greedyness?

Being greedy is synonomous with being selfish. To rid yourself of this, you have to devote a fair portion of your assets to your fellow man.
Whether it's your time, money, knowledge, etc., you will begin to understand what piece of mind and happiness is when you give of yourself instead of taking.
It might sound cliche, but this bit of truth you can take to the bank. (Pun intended).

Try it out. The more you do things for others, the better you'll feel. As time goes on, greed will become a distant memory.
share what you don't need for today and watch your cup fill back up like magic. You soon realize that too much of anything is excess baggage
learn to accept you for you, you will feel satisfy and not struggle for more...learn to share and be more given...that's how...
its in your mind - control it, u have to train your mind to do it - dont allow the other parts of your body to control your actions eg eating - after taking a few bits, u have to tell yourself to stop. u shldnt go on eating until u feel bloated / binged

its all a matter of mind over matter
By giving everything you own to the poor.
Hey, the first step to changing is awareness. Once you are aware you are greedy, decide to stop being greedy. Make a gratitude list every day. Be thankful for all the good things you have.

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