What kinds of dreams have you had (in your sleep)?

Funny, sad, weird, bizarre, scary, exciting...

All of them. It depends on what's happening in my life at the time of the dream and also if I had a big meal right before I went to bed.
depends on the time of the month. when i am close to getting my period, i dream my husband cheated on me and i beat the crap out if him lol ! any other time, if something i am thinking about is in my mind alot, like a tv show, i will dream something to that extent
Usually what has happened in my day before i sleep my body will imply it into a dream.
Lets say it was a bad day and i watched a very gory movie but a scene in the movie had stuck to my mind, then i would most likey dream of that either happening to me or something else.
well i never have funny or sad dreams... theyre usually bizaree or romantic. sometimes scary, but like chasing monster scary. usually i find my friends' dreams better and more worth having. i love the romantic ones tho :]
all of them !

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