Is it possible to wake up one morning and find yourself stupider compared to a year ago?

A lot of people experience that|

What often is the case is that is a normal part of intellectual maturity| When that happens, you are getting smarter not stupider|

A normal progression of intellectual development is that you start to become oblivious to the minutiae and details that so absorbed you before, and your mind starts to focus on more universal and general principles|

An analogy to help understand this is someone working their way up a corporation| At the bottom, you deal with the nitty gritty details of the work, such as dealing with particular things or people| But as you move up in management, you move more away from the particular and more to the general. At the highest level of management, you don't mico-manage, but leave the details to those working under you, and you simply arrange the general and over-arching principles at the top needed to make things work in the company|

So in intellectual development, when that becomes mature, you think more in terms of the universal or general, and are not so much focused on details| That is why later in life, many people move from a pragmatic mind-set to a philosophical one|

I suppose it could be. One indication would be the use of words like "stupider."
stupider? ...
yeah, I guess you did
LOL - now you're getting it. When I went through Engineering school, all I learned was just how stupid I was. When I was 20 years old, I thought I was a genius. Now I'm 56, I think I'm an idiot and I don't know how I got this far. I figure if I live to be 100, I'll be a total retard.
yep happened to me about 2 years ago
It would depend on the drugs you are on whether or not you were even more stupid than a year previous. Personally I see it happen over night with many teens. One moment they have it together, the next day they are sillier than chickens.

Do you have alzheimers? Yes you are not so much "stupid" as much as more confused.

And many parents would think this has happened to their teens. And many teens think that about their parents but that is more of an overnight thing. Oddly, by the time they turn 21, the parents are much wiser again!

So it works both ways.
yea, i think so!! oh and by the way im only 12 yrs old, but i think it is "more stupid" not stupider
yeah. Just chug a quart of vodka every day for a year.

Worked for me. But I stopped before I started thinking "stupider" was a word. I damn sure learned that stupor was a real one though.

I just said that to razz Rob the sentence frag king.

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