"They" say the opposite of intelligence is stupidity...?

Why is it then that great intelectuals show more traits of eccentric behaviour and are more prone to mental disorders and breakdowns?

and stupid people seem more happier?

Intellectuals have a better understanding of the world and therefore see just how f***ed up it is. Stupid people,on the other hand, live in their own little bubbles and pretty much create their own existance, far away from the problems of the real world. Afterall, ignorance is bliss.
'more happier'?

nice mannn
I really cant back this up, but I heard Albert Einstien couldnt make change for a dollar, like I said thats what I heard.

What do you define as stupid? Everybody is stupid in one way or another.
INTELLIGENT is when u can learn, reason & remember it all.
IGNORANCE is when u don't know about something, ur ignorant of it. Like I don't know what they eat in Greece so I'm ignorant of that info.
STUPID is a person who's not as bright as others; kinda dull but not retarded.
Are you saying you are sad? Are you saying you are more on the intelligent side? Maybe the simple truth makes one happy and the complications clouds the truth with your own bias. Like what you are doing now. You should repect the simple thoughts and learn from them. Remember, you do look at the great intellectuals in awe.
intelligent people are more prone to insanity.
First off I believe there are different levels of intelligence but I guess those who are above average intelligence see the world differently than the average person and maybe they don't feel like they quite belong so they end up going crazy. That's my theory.
intelligent type are more prone to mental breakdowns...but not as oppose to stupid people (if any).

bless are those intelligent people but i think its more important to know how to live it here in the real world. i mean, learning to live the day to day life and making the most of it while it lasts is more fulfilling & worth living than those who spent their time solving mathematical equations & scientific studies. They seem to miss a lot about real life & tend to go to their grave with a list of "why i didn't".
There is no direct relationship between intelligence or lack of it [lesser] with happiness,which is a state of mind.The key is the 'attitude',towards life situations.As to the other part of your question like eccentricity,we all know that as compared to a bicycle, a motor cycle,in spite of being a superior technical product develops more complex defects,as when it does.Both have their place and need in a society.

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