Advise for parents that want to follow Piaget's theory?

I have recently read about Jean Piaget's theory and I was just curious if you had and advise for a parent and day care provider that would like to follow Piaget. Advice for any age group would be helpful! Thanks!

The stages of cognitive development theory is a very useful tool in that it gives you a reference point to see what stage the child is in but remember that the ages given for a child to be in a certain stage are not concrete there is some flexability in that. Also it allows one to understand the child by seeing what point they are at, like how they are thinking and why they may be acting a certain way, and allows you to better foster education to them
From what I understand, Piaget's theory isn't necessarily something that you follow; it's more of a description. He observed children and established his theory of how he believed that children progressed cognitively. He believed that children go through 4 different stages: sensorimotor, preopartional, concrete operational, formal operational. Each stage has different characteristics and you can tell which stage a child is in by which characteristics they have. However, there are other theorists that believe that cognitive changes occur gradually, not in distinct stages. His theory is merely a way of describing something.

So to answer your question, I'm not sure that Piaget's theory is necessarily something you follow. However, if you want to provide learning opportunities for children to progress through the stages, you can provide them sand boxes, water trays, cups, beads (not too small), etc. to help them with measurement, counting, conservation, etc. You can play games like peek-a-boo. Provide babies the opportunity to interact with people and objects, especiallhy objects with different colors, textures, etc. Play games with children where they have to manipulate objects by putting them in things, like boxes. As they get older (concrete operational, formal operational) their thinking changes. So you can focus a lot of your conversations around their thoughts and opinions about things.

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