A person can by hypnotic. What makes someone hypnotic to you?

Its either in the eyes or the voice or a combination of both. Movement also can be hypnotic. I am sensitive so I can feel a pull and if I look into their eyes I am drawn but I usually avoid that.
Bottle Vodka
their knowladge of subliminal communication...oh...thats a hypontist :P ..it all makes so much sense now hehehe

but eyes do it for me - beautiful
I knew a guy who's voice was very hypnotising.

He was the type of person who was pretty influencial and in control of his life and of others around him aswell.

Even speaking with him over the phone..

it was the kind of voice that would make me just wanna nodd my head and say yes ..
About 7 Guinness's and 2 shots of Crown..
looking into his eyes, while doing the horizontal mambo
Hmmm, speaking of that, I suddenly feel the 'need' to dance (lol, lol, lol, )gotta go
"A person can by hypnotic."

Nothing.just because someone is attempting to manipulate doesn't mean they're successful at it given the fact that I accept that there is a difference between right and wrong.

~40s .
the thinking that the other will hypnotize you
Tone of voice. Rythm of speach and movement. Topics of conversation. An ability to totally relax me.
That depends on the individual. The individual will appreciate his/her "world" to be "mirrored". This is called "mirroring." Have a look at NLP Mirroring; making conscious the world of hypnotics and subconscious influence. I, personaly, cannot stand people like me.x
Eyes. The eyes make me go weak in the knees...
their presence confidence with intellectual ability
and style
someone who has self confidence and knowledge

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