Why do depressed people do this?

This question is not to be offensive to anyone, so please don't take it that way, but why do people that are truly depressed cut deep gashes in there arms I mean how could that make anyone feel better?

I am not offended by that question, but I do want to say that just because a person cuts themselves doesn't mean they are "TRULY" depressed or anymore depressed than the next person who has been diagnosed with depression. Cutters cut to transfer the pain somewhere else and it's more like a way of control. It's something they can control.
I really just wanted to let you know that it's not that they are truly depressed and others aren't. They just show it differently and cope differently. That's like me saying someone who is truly happy does cartwheels all day long.
maybe the feel the pain it over come the depressed situation. and feel relief from it.
theres a recent study that cutting yourself helps relieve anger. maybe its just a way at getting at someone or something by mutilating yourself, or that they like pain.
Cutters are not necessarily depressed but they can be as well. Cutting is not the side affect of depression but a completely different issue psychologically. Cutter use the physical pain to block out the severe mental anguish they are experiencing.
Many people who cut themselves feel that sometimes they are numb and almost dead inside. Cutting themselves causes pain and makes the person feel alive. Also I have read that physical pain is easier to handle than emotional pain so when a person cuts themself they are trying to distract themselves from the emotional pain. Thats what makes psychology so interesting. People do the same thing for a lot of different reasons.
They are depressed therefore they cannot do anything to feel better.They cut themselves as self punishment since they hate this self that keeps them alive. It is a self-destruction issue.
Sometimes I get soooo depressive that I wish to cut or hurt myself just because I don't wanna take it on another person or animal (I have a little dog) But at the same time I can't stand the sight of blood or injuries so that represses the action of actually hurting myself.
They have pain. Cutting 'helps' them release the internal stuff. Its a real deep set pain and I know it doesnt make sense on how it could make them feel better. Ive seen cutters and their scars and it is real. I don't think its depression but depression is also a symptom of their mental illness.
Cutters use the pyshical pain to stop or relive the mental "pain" that they have not all but most cutters have depression, and it is very bad, some people feel that if you take mental pain and turn it in to physical it is all better, the same way a guy who is pissed off with go lift weight at a gym the pain and exersice allow him to relevie stress. I was once a cutter and a burner i would cut and burn my skin to relevie stress and anger and pain, it always made me feel better when i did it, since then i have stoped cutting and everything i now get tattoos where it is the same principle, the pain helps to take away the stress and pain i have mentally. normally a cutter will not show off their body where they have cut unless you force them to, if someone is going around showing you what they did it is most likley just for attention, so pay them none unless they start to act diffrent later on since the 90's people have learned about mental disorders and the such and now some people who have no attention find that they can get attention if they do something dramatic. i hope this helps you understand, ther a quite a few book on cutters and the such reasearch it and read them if you really want to know more it is a very interesting subject.
It is like a dog who is stressed out, neglected, or abused. They bite into their leg or belly and cause themselves to bleed. It's mostly stress.
Sometimes we need to physically see our pain. Also, we think that once the cut is healed the pain will go away. However just because I person cuts does not mean that they are depressed.

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