A question about cheating patners...?

Why do cheating partners usually want to have children with the person they are cheating on?... is this a sort of "trapping" method so that they can cheat and still come home to their boyfriend/girfriend?

they live in a fantasy world and don't know how to live in reality
I know someone who did this. In his case I think he never wanted a kid. He simply lied to his wife that he did because she did. So, he could keep screwing her. After the kid was born she lost some interest in sex, so he resorted to cheating.

Later, he lied to get back into the wife's pants again and then cheated again.

Basically he told whatever lies he had to in order to get sex. He could have avoided the problem by simply not lying to his wife in the first place. Sure, they may not have gotten married but then he would be happily screwing his secretary now without having a wife and kid collecting child support and allamony.

The basic answer to your question and all questions like it is that people are dumb and don't do what is in their own best interest.
It's like an emotional jail cell because society still buys into the Beaver Cleaver type family image--how dare you destroy that image by removing your rose colored glasses and demanding respect? How dare you hurt your children by not staying with their mom/dad--not matter if he or she is a jerk!
Having the children is a blessing and you owe it to them to be true to yourself. Show you love them by creating a safe environment for them.

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