The guy i left him he commited suicide and now he is in hospital!!!?

When i left him he treat me to kill me first and himself. he found my new apartment and show up many times. i am so scare now because i dont trust him . on Monday he called me and cried and said he took lots of sleeping pills and he is very depress and i can not stand without you and ...GOOD BYE.
his sister called 911 and took him to hospital. he is alive but
my question is how long he stays in hosptila? does he get help? what do they do to him? when he get out of there is it possible to harm me! should i talk to counseler over the hospital and tell them i scares of him! he treat me and will kill me. what if he showed up again in front of my door...What if he wanted to kill me but instead he suicide!! i am so worry after they release him!! please advice me.

If someone committed suicide, it means they are DEAD. Sorry, but please be careful when using serious terms like this! What your friend did was ATTEMPT to commit suicide. If he is alive, then that means his attempt was not successful.
get a restraining order on him. He is doing this suicide crap to try to manipulate you...dont fall for it. he's obviously an emotional wreck and if you fall for it you might never get out of it alive.
Maybe you should talk to the counselor over the hospital and see how his behavior is. Try getting an alarm set on your home just in case.
mann..thats is tough i had a crazy girlfriend...tried to throw me in jail by hitting herself and saying i did it .stuff like that but not killing herself or will bother you for awhile that you ran into a person like this.the best thing is tell someone other than the internet.parents,uncles any type of family...if its scaring you that much doctor can be reached im telling you i been through it i time watch for signs in relationships of early attachment and stuff like that....beleive me you might think it is something bad but it is a lesson to be learned in this somewhere
They may only keep him for 24 hrs. He will be cleared medically and mentally to go home or he will be admitted. More than likely he will be home soon.

You can speak with someone at the Hospital as well as check with your local police. It may be advisable to get a restraining order for your protection.

this will not physically keep him from you but gives you more legal room when you call the police if he shows up again.

What he has done is not your fault. He is responsible for the choices he makes in his life.

also see if there is a local organization that works with women in your situation.

What he is doing is a form of abuse, and you may be able to use some support while getting past this...
2 things..
1. Get a restraining order. Go to the local police station and tell them what's happening and ask them how you get a protective order against him.
2. Go find a counselor or therapist for yourself. Going through something like this isn't easy and you'll need someone to talk to as well.

As for your ex boyfriend.he'll be in the facility as long as they see fit. It could be a few days, it could be much longer. It depends on how much he's willing to work on his problems and how much progress his doctors think he's made. They won't release him as long as they feel he's a threat to himself. He will be offered help while he's there, but it's up to him to take advantage of it.
Normally when a person attempts suicide they are Baker Acted by a concerned person. I'm not sure if you are on the side of helping him or getting away from him. If he is mean and you turn him in to get help he will find out you did that and may be meaner. If on the other hand someone else Baker Acts him he will be put into a hospital for a few days or more (along with nut cases) and they will give him all kinds of tests to see if he's ok or not. If he needs help the court may suggest he see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Whatever happens he will still need a place to live. Maybe his family members should intervene. You could always go to the court and get a paper there to stop him from getting close to you, and that's the first step to show fear and desire for protection, however it doesn't always work. Since he is attempting suicide perhaps he is just taking things out on himself. Go see a counselor yourelf to ask your own questions and get your own problem solved. You said you left him, so the both of you need psychological help.
You don't say how old you are. If you're still living at home than tell your parents and let the police know. If you can get a restraining order so that he knows that he can't come near you. And make sure that someone else serves him the papers. Once you have done that you should document any time that he tries to get in touch with you, It will give them proof of him not abiding by the restraining order and will help if you have to turn to the police. I'm not sure how long the doctors will keep him in the hospital but you should be able to get the restraining order in one day or less.
move where he cant find you...
Your concern is legitimate. This is not a well person and his attempted suicide is an indication that he does not value life. Please use caution in dealing with this individual. Someone earlier suggested a restraining order, and yes, that would be an excellent idea. Please follow through. Also keep in mind, however, that a restraining order can only be helpful AFTER he has violated the order. So, keep yourself safe in the meantime. Talk to his counselor about your concerns, if appropriate. If he already knows your whereabouts, then I suggest not spending a lot of time alone there. If he doesn't know, then keep it that way. Be careful, be safe, and don't hesitate to call for help if you feel frightened.

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