Nightmares! nightmares! nightmares!?

i have nightmares about stuff that happened when i was growing up. sometimes i wake up physically sick, throwing up... sometimes i'm drenched with sweat and my heart is racing... sometimes i feel frozen, i can't move to get up and try to realize my true surroundings. i haven't slept for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time in weeks. it's taking a toll on me. any ideas?

Sorry for your uncomfortablity. Nightmares suck ***, and when I have nightmares, I have them BAAAAAD, and the problem is, I can't wake myself up. So I'm trapped in it. What I try to do is to think up funny/happy thoughts right before I doze off, that way, my dreams will kinda connect to my last thought and hopefully I'll keep on dreaming it.
I'm not a Doctor, however, one did tell me it was due to the blood pressure medicine I was taking and he changed it...The nightmares disappeared!!
I take BuSpar and Ambien CR for my night terrors/panic attacks
the combo seems to have helped

Good Luck
it's worrisome, these are nightmares triggered from childhood experiences, perhaps abuse or medication involve?...I read something similar and you can read it here and perhaps submit this dream to the dream doctor.

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