IS IT true that many people just see & ignore violation of laws until it affects them directly & personally?

I am not commenting or blaming or imputing any group of people or any body but asking to know views of people.
IS it true that many times many people just see & ignore violation of laws by others until it affects them directly & personally??
IS it true that even many times many of them also ignore ill behaviour & wrong done with them; they don't take pains & don't go so long to get the justice ; they just try to forget or avoid the wrongs??
IF yes,what are the reasons of such ignorant & wrongful compromising behavior??
What do u all think about it?
Want to know your views ; by the way I live in India.

if you see 2 drunken people fighting and ready to kill each other, even when you see it, you will not go to police station to lodge complaint. because, if you do it, you may have to visit police station hundreds of times besides attending court equal number of times to give evidence. moreover, your life will be in danger when you are giving evidence against a person. further police people will be harassing you to squeeze money from you. this is a small example i have given. it happens similar way on all type of events of that sort. what will you do under such circumstances?
Yes, many people do ignore violations of the law for multiple reasons. Fear of involvement, a bad view of cops, or they blatantly just don't care. Oh, until it affects them of course.
For many people, personal security
is more important. It will be risky to
change certain things which are
difficult to change.

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