Scary slepping question in my house!?

Has anyone ever woke-up and was like in a paralyized
situation to where you know what's going on and your trying to move but can't, and like your being strangled and felt scared or had scary thoughts as if somthing was eles there or doing something to keep you in this mode? this happends to my friend every time she spends the night at my house. What could it be, i know a lady died in my house right before we moved in. and it's only happends to her, so what could it be?

its called "sleep paralysis"

and also "hag syndrome" if your a Christian, pray about this.
Hey, thats quite scary yaar!
She probably isn't really awake. She is actually in between rem sleep and being concious. This is actually more common than you know. I could have said there was a ghost, but that would have been made up crap!
that used to happen my dads girlfriend.she lived on an old cemetery,she also used to see weired thing in her house to!
You don't have to ever worry about the dead that once lived in your house.Every old house has more than one that died in it.I know a lot of your fears are of the unknown
and what you can't see.I'm pretty sure that lady is resting in peace now.
It's bull****. there is no such thing as what you are saying about the dead lady. It's all in your head.
There is a specific name for it (I can't remember it though). Anyway, what it does is when your sleeping, like in deep sleep, your body does that because otherwise you might hurt yourself (you know like kick a wall or something) and prevents you from getting up and sleep walking (or something like that). It keeps you from hurting yourself when you sleep. Some people just wake up in that stage sometimes though. It happens to one of my cousins and one of my friends as well.
Your friend is under alot of stress lately. A person can be stressed and not know it as well.
That happened to me once. I could not move or speak but could hear my family talking away downstairs. I experienced an out of body thing where i was floating. I was under alot of stress at the time. It somewhat bothered me but i got over it. That was 10yrs ago and never had one again. Well it was my doctor that told me i was stressed at the time it happened. I really don't believe your friends problem has anything to do with someone dying in that house. And you both should really get over talking and thinking about the death of this woman. Just block it out and get on with life.
Take care & good luck.
yea..i've been in dat situation before. can't feel or move a thing. It's believe in Malay society that "something else" sleeps right on ur body n den u'd hear scary voices. eeerriiee.but i believe it's d stress actually. is she under pressure of sthg?
anyway,here's my tips;
1. don sleep in the lay back position but if u do sleep dat way,
put something like a pillow on ur chest.
2. wear clean pjs or clothes
3. wash ur legs...
4. simply touch someone beside u til u for
me tho

lame?? hmmm maybe
The answer of "sleep paralysis" by Lucky 3rd is correct if you are looking for a rational answer. Check out the link below for a complete explanation with symptoms.

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