Why cant i think of a question to ask?

im kinda confused.

Well you just wasted some of your points.
Happens to the best of us..it always hits you later.
you just did
lol dont waste your points! 1 suggestion ask a question that says rate the avatar above yourse ITS FUN!
you just asked a question ask what to do if you're bored!
You just did!
It's okay not to ask.. personally prefer to answer questions..
it looks like a question to me :)
Maybe because you've seen most of the answers people give, and realise that this really isn't all that helpful of a service.

No offense, guys...
You are not alone!
Maybe you are just waiting for something significant to rear it's needful head and cry out for a answer. Bully for you.
Actually, you just did.
just think.
Think on it for awhile. You'll come up with something.
Don't think of question to ask... just answer! It's fun!

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