Whaty impact does social class have in relation to physical and mental health?

I can offer a few effects that definitely apply to social class. The cost of treatment and the availability of quality doctors. And the financial ability to fly and be unemployed are all factors in mental health care. Money makes an unfortunate difference.

One thing that always bothers me is a question often asked here. When someone thinks they might be interested in making psychology their career, their very first question is "How much money do they make?" and I find that to be so true everywhere psychology is concerned.
Social class separates individuals from the means to acquire proper health care exedra.
Steve and Benice hit the nail on the head. This can mean quicker access to doctors and better health insurance and all. But in and of itself, other than that, no persons of one particular social class are inherently more healthy than those of any other class.
it gives us a chance to think about the people of the world and go beyond ourselves

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