A confused woman?

The thought of possibly leaning towards the lesbian side, freaks me out. I guess the fact that I was instilled with religious moralism at a young age, adds a lot to the feelings. I also come from a culture that strongly prohibits any form of homosexuality. Obviously, I can never tell my parents that I get sexual fantasies about the same sex. It's an odd thing because as far as I know I've always been attracted to men. I'm still drawn towards men. That part hasn't changed. What has sparked my interest in women, derived from a short experience I had in high school. This girl I vaguely knew in class, began sending me love notes. At first I was going to refuse them, but something inside wanted more. I was curious. Not attracted to her but curious. We first kissed secretly after school. Then it moved onto her house, where we did some things. Our relationship lasted 2 weeks. It felt like a one night stand, really. She wanted my commitment and I couldn't keep it. I was not emotionally attracted to women enough to want to date them. We remained friends until we simply stopped communicating through letters. A few years passed after graduation. I still haven't felt emotional feelings for women. In my heart I know having a relationship with a woman for me wouldn't be the same as being with a man. I love men. When I see another girl in the street, attractive or not. I don't feel sexual at all; or notice women in a sexual way.
But this all changes once I watch porn, which is not on a regular bases. I've had in interest in lesbian porn since I was 16 (before my first experience). I can't help but appreciate women's bodies! To me, they are beautiful. A man's body on the other hand, I'd rather appreciate them fully clothed. Penis's look weird to me, not that I'd object one (smiles).
Personality wise, I tend to be less feminine. I'd call it ambiguous. I don't totally act like a guy (although I sometimes come close, haha),
or dress like one, and I'm not into girly attire at all, then again I don't reject black skirts, vintage dresses, high heels, or fishnet stockings.

The bottom line is what the hell is wrong with me?
Am I straight?
Am I bisexual?
Bi curious?

It is totally normal for women to be excited by other women! Although all women may not have experimented with the other sex, MOST have! Experimenting in High School is quite common and does not make you a lesbian or bisexual. I fantasize about women and men, but when it comes to a physical relationship, only a man will do. I consider my self to be completely straight, and I don't think there is anything wrong with either of us!!
I know you want a "better" and longer answer more than likely! But you have to figure that out for yourself. Only YOU know that.
Some advice : STOP writing so much !

Go 2 San fran on Sunday yo word my brother!!!!!!!!!...
You are perfect dear..
Bisexual enough..

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