What Positive things have people said about you that have brought joy and happiness into your Heart, Who & Y?

One of my teachers said in a students-families meeting that I was the best kid he had ever had the pleasure to teach to...
only me im afraid.
My closest friends and some strangers have said that im a great listener and i have wonderful insight, my heart felt good after i heard those words.
i have always been told that i am an Honorable honest person .people respect me and i appreciate them
I am a man.and people have on many occasions called me a gentleman .being a man .and being a gentleman is important to me
I worked for some tough bosses, but when I moved here to Australia from UK I had to get references from them all - they wrote glowing stuff, I mean really nice! I did not expect it at all.
People where i live always comment that im a wonderful mother, and that my children are always clean, well dressed and polite.
That makes me feel proud.
having my family tell me theyre proud of me
People say I have a good personality and that is all I need to know.
my frens told me that i m an eyesore, i m quite happy to hear that
Perchè non usate il sito di lingua inglese?Ciao auguri
Nothing in particular...just a warm smile of greetings and wave from people even at a distance, or the laughter shared with my family and friends really put a great smile in my heart. It's already enough to make me happy and make me feel really appreciated since I'm not really in to flattery. Sometimes just a smile from a stranger can make up my day.
One of the Most encouraging things a person asked me to do years ago, was to
Read the Book: "Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness." By: Bhante Henepola Gunaratana.
*A Most Excellent Book which would Optimistically change a persons life toward acquiring Happiness and Peace of Mind.
Whenever I am told that I am nice person and when they express that they would like to be my friend. It makes me feel like I am living my life in a way that encourages and inspires others.
i like to praise myself, thats the only person that truly knows me
Anything which is a true to type comments and suggestions which bears a respectful deliverance at a correct timing...

This is how I could figure it out..... comments and suggestions is quite discriminating at sometimes...but looking through its essence specially when it is beneficial directly to you... then it will result to un-pararelled joy and happiness...

sometimes it is also a way of checking your immage, personality and behavior towards to society. it serves as a mirror of your self... their comments will be your guiding code to change or correct what is should be corrected... and their suggestions will be a foundation which has to be refined....

I am talking about happiness which is not merely shallow to the extent but a high happiness that the human mind could figure... happiness in such a way that will result to peacefulness in mind, contentment, praise and enlightment.
I'm sat on this computer today as this past week has just been so upsetting.My neighbour who I've known for 11years was admitted to hospital yesterday,she has leukaemia shes 76 and although she has family shes been very much on her own.She told me yesterday that without me she wouldn't have coped since her husband died and that I'm the star on her tree.I'm heartbroken and don't know how its going to be when shes gone.Shes the STAR,It gave me joy to think i made even the smallest difference in her life,but i wished i could feel happiness,maybe later on,when shes twinkling away in the sky with her beloved husband and out of this pain shes in now.I will feel happiness then,the stars to me are the eyes of our loved ones we have lost watching over us.
Yesterday, after a visit to the hairdresser, my EX husband commented that my hair was "nice". In all the years we were together he never once complimented me, unless it was followed by a negative comment. e.g "those trousers are lovely shame they make your bum look so big" So for him to say something positive without following it with a negative was a surprise. He must be mellowing in his old age.
my husband tells me he loves me every day I didn't have stability as a child but have been married for 27yrs and he has helped me change my world around
who needs approval to be happy
People have told me how much they appreciated my assistance. I never lend money to people I trust. If I can afford to, I just give them as much as they need. I do not want money to come between our friendship. I have had the funds returned to me in all but two instances. It was OK though because it was given to them. When I can help people that I love, or even just like a lot, I am returning kind deeds I have received from people I know earlier in my life. It's just sharing. Everyone benefits from it. Give it a try. See how good it makes you feel.
My brothers and sisters in the Lord who tell me that they see Jesus through me! To be Christ like is my ultimate goal.
When anyone notices something special about me, it puts me on cloud nine. I am always amazed by how a little compliment can lift the soul. I try to always pass it on.
My grandma always said to me to think positive and to be happy. I just couldn't, then she did something that brought me joy and happiness that has lasted years. I am not euphoric just happier.

She gave me a book which really what it said was to forgive myself. It is stupid for alot of people but for me it worked. I forgave myself for all the rotten things I've done in my life. I took a load off.

Whenever I feel rotten again, I forgive myself and try to do better. For me its an awesome practice.

Actually I forgive myself everyday, and forgive others as well. (me first though hahaha.)

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