Why do people abuse and abandon babies?

Power - Control. Inability to to deal with their own issues so they last out. Babys can't hit ya back like a bigger person could.
I believe the abuse is overwhelming feelings of being out of control - not being in control of their lives. You try to quiet a baby, no good - so you scream at it to shut up, no good - so you smack the baby around until you're tired, the baby quiets, or you've killed the baby. One of the reasons I am so glad they finally passed a law you can leave an infant at a hospital.

There is still the stigma, shame for having a baby "out of wedlock" or you don't want anyone to know, you did something really stupid, it was fun at first, you were raped, you can't support yourself or a baby. You are overwhelmed. Again, I am so glad there are safe places to leave a baby, it's just too bad more girls and women don't do it more often.

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