♥why is it♥?

Why when u dream of something great and then someone wakes up and u go back to sleep, u can't think of that dream?? and why is it that right when ur about to die in a dream, u wake up?? will u die in real life or something??

Dreams are random, so going back to a dream is rare (some can do it though - if i dont fully waken, just turn off my alarm or similar, i can go back to pretty much the same dream)
You tend not to die in dreams because you have no experience of you dying - dreams rely on rubbish saved in your brain - you can put together all types of strange scenarios but you are unlikely to dream anything you cannot imagine
I know it is so annoying.
when u dream it does not come true. you do die in real life but you do not die when you are sleepind. it is hard to remember the dream but you can not get it back
read up on what different types of dreams mean. Look up what dieing dreams mean. You can't go back because its your imagination working, not memories. Often times you have some dreams where you have some memories that you attach to them, but often times its when you go into deep sleep is when you start dreaming.
That happens to me all the time. Sometimes I'm glad when
someone wakes me up especially in a nightmare.
I dream about fling in the air but I don't get very far and start falling and I wake up before I ht the ground.
Some folks say that if you didn't wake up you could have a heart-

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