"Gut is wish, whereas, Brain is reality." Is this true, or is intuition trustworthy?

Not exactly true. Gut is feel, brain is think. I've always followed my gut and never been wrong. You know, the old saying, "Follow your heart--it will never lead you wrong"? It's very much true.
sometimes when you SHOULD go with your gut, your brain overanalyzes things and you miss out on fabulous wonderful opportunities.
it is untrue. go with your gut rather than your brain. Your instincts was reality way before your brain was.
Neither and both. You brain needs to interpret what you instinctively feel. When you have a feeling deep inside you, your brain has to analyse that feeling and tell you what it is. It doesn't weigh up the pro's and con's of the feeling, it simply identifies it.
Your body cannot be seperated into parts, it works as a whole and only survives as a whole. If you could seperate them it would be just as easy to switch that to say 'Brain is dreams, whereas, gut is natural.'

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