Why are we more emotional at night?

I don't think we're really more emotional at night; I think we're just tireder, and don't put as much effort into inhibiting our feelings and actions as we do during the day. I suspect that's especially true if you work, and have to keep a tight rein on your feelings to keep your job and get along with others.
you are lonely and horny.
It's dark and were tired.
probably it is our brains drifting into sleep, which is the time at which our filters are turned off, and our brain thinks (dreams) freely
Tired and Sleepy and werid horny
I think it probably seems like you are more emotional, but really you are feeling emotions all the time even when you're sleeping. At night you have went through the process of a whole new day and your brain is all warmed up again, more keenly in tuned to all of things you are conscious and becoming conscious of. A keen shifting of awareness..
I think that we have all this strees for the day and at night we can just let our emotions go more.
at night, we tend to be more prone to exhaustion, and so a shorter patience and more anxiety from smaler things. we get influneced by our surroundings - the dark especially, as there is no light coming from windows, etc, and for light we generally have to be inside, cooped up. if we are "lonely", or sad in some way, we brode about it more often at night. so we're all-around more emotional.
Hm, interesting question and one I hadn't pondered for quite some time now. I do remember as a much younger man that I would do certain things during the day that I thought to be incredibly funny and entertaining, only to find myself tossing and turning in bed over them at night. I don't know specifically the answer to your question, but I will say that guilt and rumination over one's deeds during the day do seem to come to the surface after the lights have gone off, if this is what you're referring to.

The only other thing that comes to mind that may cause one's emotions to come to the surface at night would be the inducement of an altered mental state from drugs or alcohol.
Because thats when you have time to think about things that bother you.

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