Why do you think some people are much more sensitive than others?

Is it their upbringing? Genes? Insecurities?What do you feel is the reason why this is?

Part of it is genetics and part of it is nurture. A lot of a person's sensitivity is because they are insecure with in their self's. If you feel good about yourself and know that you're as good as the next person than you don't have to be highly sensitive because you won't take every thing personally. You realize that the world is bigger than just you and that most people are more concerned with their lives than yours. I think that most overly sensitive people also have an exaggerated idea of how much other people worry about them. If they are't real sure of their ability to interact with others they may take the actions of others as a slur against themselves.
Oh dont say that... You've really hurt my feelings.
DNA XX or Xy to many XXXXXX in your dna make u more man to many yyy in your dna make u more lady like and it for both sex
A little of both, plus, possible abuse and/or bullying from others at a young age.
it could be because of their astrology chart.
Genes and perhaps past upbrigings since they were brought up that way
Could be they can sense things that you can't, that when someone says something mean to them they can sense the anger and hatred behind the actual words.
I think, its when you want others to be sensitive to you, you automatically acted with sensitivity. Its like "doing what you want others to do unto you". It like smiling at others first, and others will definitely smile at you in return.

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