After footage of the Manitoba tornadoes appeared on YouTube, I noticed something amazing...?

In the comments sections of the videos, some very few people from the US (or so they claim) started belittling the videos and the tornadoes, saying in effect that "real tornadoes only happen in the US; you guys know nothing about tornadoes up there".

Is it possible that these few people believe in US supremacy even in the realm on nature?

That's coming from a nation who believes we live in the arctic. I mean, it's quite sad when someone just south of the border thinks that 20 minutes from their house the weather turns to desolate and blizzard like. Although, it's not everyone, just some really stupid people in the world.

I assume you probably ran into those same stupid people in the youtube comments thing. *Shrugs* People are lame and quite ignorant when it comes to certain things. It's best just to ignore those and focus on others.
talk to the utubers not people that dont know it.
Tornado Alley is fairly wicked. I wouldn't think someone would find it a valuable thing to have worse storms in a home country. Maybe you're digging around for something that isn't there.

Hey, daretodefinebeauty: I don't surround myself with people who don't know the general climate in Canada; thanks for your kind words.
LMAO! That's just normal human behavior. Such as, what do American's know what cold? Pfft, Canada is much colder. *rolls eyes* This is a behavior that will never change, whether comparing weather, hair styles, or sizes of c***s human feel the need to make themselves out to be superior to those around them.
Now Bill, you are seeing things, imagining things, and you are trying to get something
started. You can have all the tornadoes if
you want them.
Obviously, yes, Bill -- for "We ARE the Champions", right! In everything. The blinders are on so tight, I'm surprised they don't strangle us. And do you REALLY have foxes in Canada -- I thought they only existed here in the US.

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