A career question on psycology?? working at home?? etc..?

ppl with experience pls give me some advice.
I am still in HS but I would like a career in psychology/literature. So maybe if Im a writer and I have a degree in psychology I can work from home?? How can this be possible? Is anyone familiar with this?
Everyone says that too many ppl want to have psychology as their major and it will be harder to find a job?? Is this true? Has anyone ever experienced this? They say therapists get payed very little and cant find a job??

I am a Licensed Psychologist with four years of college to get an undergrad degree (B.S.), then five years of graduate school to get a doctorate. In order to work as a psychologist, you need to have a PhD or PsyD. One exception to this is a School Psychologist which requires a Masters Degree. You can't work as a psychologist with a Bachelors. However, once you have your doctorate and are licensed within your state (another process altogether), then you can find work as a psychologist. I should tell you that you can be a therapist with a degree in Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy, which require Master's degrees, not doctorates, and therefore, less graduate school.
In regards to writing and working from home, it is very possible to be a psychologist and do this. I am not a therapist (e.g. see clients in an office for therapy), but rather conduct testing and assessment. I see clients in an office for a few hours, then write the reports at home. I should warn you that this is very much like "homework," and I end up doing work in the evenings and on weekends.
In general, it is possible to be a testing psychologist and work from home and write. You can also write psychology books or do other writing as well e.g. for websites, pamphlets, or other companies that need psychological information.
If you want to become a psychologist, you're going to need to goe to college for 4 years and then get at least a Master's degree, more likely a doctorate. You're looking at a long educational path, but it will give you experience with people and their inner motivations, something that writers need to know. Your income as a therapist will depend on things like where you live (is there a lot of competition?) and what job you get (are you in private practice or working for someone else?). I've made a comfortable living doing what I do, but every so often I wonder about having chosen a different career path, like law or medicine. Certainly there are other things that will make you more money, as well as others that make less. A four-year degree in psychology won't really differentiate you from anybody else on the job market, as it's the most popular undergraduate major. Working from home is an option if you're in private practice, but it's not always the best thing to do. Some of the people you will be dealing with are genuinely unwell and you want to have some sort of boundary between their lives and your own--this is best achieved by having an office and keeping your home address and number private. Most writers don't make all that much money, so having another trade to rely on is a good idea. Here's an interesting piece of trivia for you: there are an awful lot of very famous psychologists who wanted to be writers. Go figure.
I was a psych major in college. While I don't really have any answers on the psych/literature/work at home question, I can answer some of your other questions. A lot of people do have psychology as their major in college. It is a very popular major because a lot of people are interested in human behavior. Don't let other people deter you from majoring in that if that's what you're interested in. Unfortunately it can be very hard to find a psych related job (especially a well paying one) with just a bachelor's degree in psychology...if you want to continue on to get a career in psychology (as a therapist or whatever) you do need to get an advanced degree. If you want to be a therapist your best bet is to get a PhD. However, you can get a master's in social work (MSW) degree in a lot less time and have pretty much the same job. Therapists vary on how much they get paid, just like in any other job. You won't get super rich as a therapist, but you would most likely make enough to get by and have some nice extras. I've never heard of therapists having a harder time getting a job more so than anyone else. Hope this helps.

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