Why do I keep seeing the number 13?

Everywhere I turn, I see the number 13. From clocks to page counters on websites, there is always a 13 involved in a number sequence. I play the roulette tables at casinos and hit on 13 most of the time. I play blackjack online, never hitting with a 13, win every time. My niece was born recently on the 13th of the same month as my birthday, the 31st. This is not me paying close attention to a specific number. Literally, I look and I see 13 everywhere. The time now is 1:30. (13)? Do the numbers 1 and 3 have a significance in my life or is it 13 as a single number?

I agree, your mind has noticed the number 13 popping up, and now you see it. The same thing happens sometimes when you learn about new diseases. You read about the symptoms and later on you feel like you have some of those symptoms, then you worry you are sick. There is nothing to worry about or look into. Just a bunch of coincidences regarding a number.
you are looking for it. start looking for 11 and you will notice it everywhere.
Watch the movie 23
Seriously you need to focus on other things.
first of all your a little paranoid and it is a good thing because my luky # is 13
13 I'm not sure 13. Maybe you are just 13 seeing things. 13 you might just be con13centrating on seeing it, so 13 you are more aware that 13 the number is everywhere 13.
It seems as though 13 has more significance than 1 and 3 separately, as 13 always shows up in order.. not 31 or 3:10 for example.

Weird as I always see 12:34 everyday and in early am if I am awake...

It's the universe trying to tell you something. If you are open to receive you will hear what they are trying to tell you.
Numbers are a part of nature and are everywhere. Once you concentrate on a specific number, you will find it everywhere. You should rent the movie PI : Faith in Chaos.
well if you are not just pulling a prank then maybe it's just coincidence
Have you seen any scare movies latly? Cause either it's something you saw, your parinoid, or something bad is gonna happen to you.
Either u r lookin for it or u r just i really unlucky person(number 13 = unlucky)
well that num13er is my lucky one.
If I was seriously looking for pink elephants I would find them eventually. Finding it the first time is always the hardest; once you see what your looking for youll see it everywhere. I think you might have been watching that new Jim Carry 13 movie and in your sub conscience your looking for it also.
I use to see 33! everywhere, then i just went on google and they had this numerology thing, don't believe in that stuff though...But It made sense to me, maybe yours will make sense to you...don't know what 13 means.
It's the same for me, except with the number 18. I was born on Oct 18 (10-18). I was born at 2:18pm. My now-husband and I started dating when I was 18. I lost my virginity when I was 18. Graduated high school and then started college when I was 18 (which, I know, is a normal age for most). I became a mom on June 18. My best friend's son was born on June 18. My neice was born on June 18. (All different years, though!) And now my husband thinks I'm just trying too hard, but I look at the clock--for absolutely no reason at all--and it will be 10:18...doesn't matter if I'm at home, or driving, or looking at my cell phone clock. (Notice my birthday is 10-18!) It is weird, isn't it? I've already decided that should I ever be on Deal or No Deal I'm picking case #18!!!!
Numbers does not matter on how you are living in your life. Simply, they are just numbers and they have nothing else to do with your living. Its just a coincidence that you encountered them, maybe the number 13 is your lucky number.

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