According to Maslow's 'Hierarchy of needs'..?

...who would you say say reached self-actualization?

I don't think its a process rather than a destination. A person can feel that they have reached the point of self-actualization but unless the drop dead at that moment and there is no afterlife of any kind, then when Life Happens and we all deal with and are a part of life, then the process of self actualization may be altered or adjusted. If a person reaches the point of self-actualization, then the bomb happens and they are left without food, shelter etc, their whole place on the whole hierarchy will change because "Life Happens"
probably only buddhist monks...or the like. No one I know personally, and certainly no celebrity, has reached self-actualization.
Well, the old joke goes that the only two people to have ever acheived self-actualization were Maslow and Christ. Seriously, though, it's kind of a loaded question, as it forces one to ask if any person can ever reach their full potential? I would say only those with very limited potentials due to biology or circumstance can reach their maximum potential.

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