How can i get things done? I always put them off.?

I have something that im making, but i hardly ever work on it and when i do ill get distracted or not start in the first place. PC games are always more appealing..
any tips?

I am somewhat like you. Right now I have two major projects I am doing in my home. For me I use the reward system. I tell myself I can't touch the computer (I don't get off real easy) until I either complete a certain amount of work or I spend a certain amount of time on my project. The amount of time doesn't work as well for me as me deciding what I need to accomplish before going to the computer. Try it, it might work for you as well. Good luck!
u r like me. i always try to find something more interesting than the actual chore. and at the end, when i see it undone, i feel frustrated!

i guess, organizing, self-discipline and time managment can help you get over ur habit.
peter , set a time limit if you want, do some work for a specified time than do some PC games for that time limit then go back to work . i findthat once i get started i can put off playing a game or answering question on here .
Self-discipline is the only way. Use the fun stuff as a reward after you've done what it is you're putting off.
This usually happens when I don't understand what I'm doing or just not interested in the topic.

If it's the first one, I work to try and understand what someone expects or if it's something I'm learning, I work on understanding it, and then I can get it done.

If it's the second, I will ask for "due dates". Once I have a firm due date, I work accordingly. If I have a week to finish something, I work on it, little by little until it's done. If I have a day, I will do something I like first to get in the mood and then I'll sit and try to finish what it is, not getting up to be distracted.

If it's something as simple as taking out the trash...just do it when asked and then it's done and you can feel free to do what you want :)

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