My dreams, do they mean something?

I have been having almost the same dream for the past two weeks where people are beating me up.
Last night I had a dream that one of my former best friends (she is not that nice any more) was beating me up. When she stopped because I was crying, she said that is what she wanted me to do.
Three days ago:
This dream is the exact dream that I have been having the past week. I walk into my 3 period class right as the bell rings. Everyone looks at me. I stare back. One of the boys jumps at me and starts punching me. Everyone in the class follows as he does.

What could these dreams possibly mean? And please, no stupid answers.

Basically you are grieving over your lost friendship. You miss your relationship w/ her (even if it wasn't a healthy one) and you are worried that this same situation will happen again.
Wow. I don't think that your dreams necessarily mean that a bunch of kids are going to beat you up physically... Maybe your just stressed about the coming school year and are thinking in worst possible scenarios...
Well dreams usually show your feelings of yourself, so maybey your thinking that the people want to beat you up. im no doctor but thats my guess
Your dream does mean something. The dream indicates that you feel that everyone is against you and that you do not have anyone in your corner. Because the dream is repetive, this feeling is weighing heavy on your life.

To deal with this in reality, you need to join a club, after-school activity, do a sport. You will develop better self confidence, make a freind or two, and develop some good job skills thatyou can use later. Moreover, you will be building your support group, others that will support you because they better know you and they trust you.
Maybe you have some hidden fear in your heart. I have no idea. I'm in middle school as well, and have been having a weird dream for a while. What happens is, my mind plays through all of my childhood memories, and then a flash of light and everything is gone. I have no idea what it means though. So, you're not the only one in this situation.


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