A psychic question...?

can a person with low ESP levels work on themselves to increase there ESP levels to that of telepathy, clairvoyance, conscious in dreams, feeling of energies, and etc.? and how would you go about doing this.. for example meditation, keeping a clear mind.

By eliminating all distractions and being very aware of your surroundings.
Go on a ghost walk. i never saw anything until i saw my first aparition. now i have esp, see apparitions constantly, feel energy and have premonitions. while conscious and asleep.
Yeah, it is very possible to do that stuff. i tried some things like that and i have had some psychic dreams. meditating is a good way to start. Getting some books can help you too. Get things like Astral Projection, spirit guids, Third eye this and that. Astral Projection tapes are cool, AP can help boost your psyc abilities. Also when you buy books to help do those types of things, you should get a recorder as well, because the books tell you to record some kind of weird chant, or a process to help you do that. I hope you have a lot of fun.

When you want to feel energies, its good to focus on your own power and learn what you feel like. get a friend to help you (someone w/ experience). Rocks can help you get a feel of energy, i've listed some books that might help you... the last one is just to open your mind a bit

Enjoy your time in the psychic world!

Love Becca
You can increase these levels gradually or all at once. Just believe you can! This is the single most barrier that people have trouble overcoming. I have had these abilities my whole life and for some reason I surrendered them, or maybe even forgot about them from early childhood. As a teenager I had an overwhelming desire to know God. I read books, the bible, gave myself to Jesus, you name it... then I started going to a Christian Science church. My spiritual answers were met and I even had , and continue to have, heeling's. How? I believed.
Awe, not to get all religious, but this is when my mind opened up to it's real potential again. My older brother has often thought I was cursed because of my 'extra sensory' abilities. He's said I am not following the 'Word'. Ah' bologna!
Now I will agree that there are situations where you should not exploit yourself. When you confide in your ESP it won't matter what others think. Just remember not to create a negative situation. Debating my fundamentalist brother was just plain old unhealthy.
Long after I let my abilities 'peak', I found the am radio program called After Dark. I was so relieved to hear there are so many people out there that have these abilities too. They can be learned and sharpened. I'm sure you will hear many names of people who can help you with specific information. The neatest thing about having increased ESP is you start to see a bigger world! Some of us you meet in life would never give you a clue that they can see more. HOW they see is just part of who they are as a person. I let it bother me at times when my brother would question my perception, then I realized I could not change - that perception was me.
If you remember who YOU are and accept it, there is really nowhere your mind can't take you. Good luck.

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