A question for girls over a certain age?

i'm 35 - i don't know where the last ten years went and it getting older and the thought of being a middle aged woman scares the bejeezus out of me - is this what most girls feel? do you dwell on it much? do you try not to think about it - do you have any ways you've got your head round it that you can share?

I'm 15 years old and I'm telling you that I wasted more than 3 years of my life that I want back. I don't even remember a single thing that happened in those 3 years, not even my birthdays. I believe that the best thing to do is just be yourself and you must not be afraid because you don't want to look back at these years when you're 60 and say "I was too afraid to live". Time won't go back, so you have to go on with it.
you are just a slip of a girl yet. Make the most of your youth[yes you are still in your youth] and enjoy your life
i dwell on the fact that i wish i could be 21 or 18 again.
I am 42 and feel no different to how I felt at 32 or 22. I just carry on enjoying life and not worrying about how old I am. There is nothing we can do about growing older so just live life to the full.
Believe me girl, it can only get better. I have over 10 years on you and I'm still rockin'!
I am 34 & I don't think of it at all.
Mid 20's to 30, I changed a lot, but I was not resentful for getting older.
You are much, much wiser when you get older.
Teenagers don't think so, but we are smart enough to know that little secret.
Being older may mean you are moving on, from acting, dressing, etc. a certain way, but accept it with grace.
It is much more becoming!

Read this link: Life in Your 30’s: Myths Dispelled
I'm a guy but let me say this. As long as you don't start finding 60 yr old guys attractive...you're still young. 35 is nothing. I'm zeroing in on 50 and I love it.
I think that the fear is normal but there is truth in the fact that you are only as old as you feel. Some days I feel like im 70 and others I have the energy of an 21 year old.yet I am neither. Try to find things in life that make you feel young and do them. Enjoy what knowledge you have gained and know that it makes you all the more beautiful but it doesn't have to age you. Remember that there are no promises of tomorrow so enjoy today as much as you can.
im 31 its hard for me to admit [this is the first time.] i cant get over leaving my twentys.its really hard to say that im not twenty something i cried and everything on my 30 birthday but who doesnt
I am 33 and never think of my age other than when it comes to kids. I still have that deciding factor. Life is what you make it you go girl. Age is only a number!
What scares me more is the fact that I'm getting closer and closer to old age.
And that scares me because in todays society the elderly aren't given much consideration, and certainly far less respect.
I hate the thought of my grandchildren looking at my picture and saying "you used to be pretty!"
But most of all I am dreading becoming physically old and spending most of my time worrying about the cost of prescriptions.
I felt just like you but it started at the age of 30 ! I thought I'm not going to look good in a few more years and got quite depressed ! Well I'm a lot older than that now and have learnt that age is just a state of mind! I think young so I am! 35 is just a number !! If I was to act my age how boring that would be !! Just be yourself what ever age you are !! Hey! I don't look all that bad either people can't believe it when I tell them how old I am!! Your still very young so chin up sweet heart you've got a lot of living to do yet!!
i'm 38, i was distraught turning 30, dreading 40. time is running out to acheive things, about to start a degree at uni but i will be 43 by the time i have finished. dont give a **** about the looks going people tell me i dont look as old as i do. just worried i'm going to start developing health problems as i approach middle age, got kidney stones already and nearly lost a kidney. time is marching on and its marching right accross our faces !! xx
I'm 32 and feel the same way. I don't feel old physically, but in terms of life I feel old. I got married at 29, which I felt was old, considering we had been dating since I was 23. I feel rushed now to buy a house, have kids, etc. My biological clock isn't able to be put on snooze anymore!
Really it's a matter of perspective. I know you may not realize it right now but if you live long enough you will see 40 then 50. But you know what? The alternative Sucks! So years are really a badge of honor. Wear them with pride. And do it well. Represent- for the rest of us who aren't so lucky. So start now and keep what the good Lord gave you in good shape for the year to come. Bless you!!
I'm a guy aged 77 I am learning spanish, go to jazz group every tuesday & thursday do all my own DIY and have just installed telephone sockets in back bedroom. Didnt get married until I was 38 and my daughter 37 is expecting in october It would be nice if she got married. !! I'm off to Tallin in Estonia to look at the medieval city this summer if I live that long.. Cheers, ENJOY YOURSELF
You've got to make sure you get all the things you want out of life. I'm 43, slim, very fit and healthy. I set myself challenges all the time and make sure I'm always learning new things.

The consolation I suppose is that we are all ageing. We have to make adjustments at each stage in our lives so that we feel good, no matter what our age.
Well, if you live to be 70 -- you ARE " MIDDLE AGED" !!
If you live to be 80, then you'll be middle aged at 40, but actually when we refer to these age groups it's a general age, not an exact one. So, techniquely you are MIDDLE AGED !
All you can do is tay healthy or GET healthy and that means working out 4 to 6 times a week! 30min a day on treadmill @ 3.5mph to 4mph if you can & 30min on the weights/weight lifting equipment! do NOT RUN as you'll ruin your joints and have arthritis or need hip & knee replacements by 50 ! A fast walk or a tradmill at 3.5mph has been proven you best exercise! Swim too if you can!
Start saving for FACELIFT -- you'll probably need one by 45 ! And keep an eye out in your rear-view mirror and space in front of your car to escape if you see a vehicle barreling down on you and like he's not going to stop! I had just stopped 8yrs ago & didnt get time to check mirror or i woulda jumped median by gunning my gas pedal -- Jerk-Drunk hit me doing 60mph and trashed 4 cars, 1 boat and my spine -- I have been in daily agony ever since and he is still out there drinking & druggin'! He had done it b4 he hit me too, he'd just been off probabtion 3months when he RUINED MY LIFE (and therefore my families lives too as I cant work now & have to be supported & hubby is 7yrs my senior!). He got a slap on the wrist, $140 fine, for basically taking MY LIFE !!!!!!! He's a TAR-HEEL, but may still be living in the S.W. FLA area, in or near ESTERO, BONITA SPRINGS, FT MYERS, perhaps even Naples. cooke, capt
Please allow a 58 year old male to point out that you gals are really at your best from 40 onwards. After that you only get better year by year!!!

You more street wise, better understanding of everything including men, and from the chauvinistic point of far better in the kitchen and the bedroom.

Hey don't worry
They say life begins at 40. I can tell you life doesn't even begin to begin at 40, there is just a renewed impetus which will make it's presence known again and again , the more experience you gain. Make the most of the experiences you have already had. There is even better to come and you will be in a position to share it with others. I think this might be what is generally known as wisdom. With love.
Are you pretty happy with what you've done with your life so far? When you look back on those 10 years that flew by, is it because you had a lof of fun? I'm 32 and getting older does scare me. But it shouldn't! I just wish there wasn't so much emphasis on 'what's your age', then maybe we could not dwell on it so much. I think I look at my age and where I've been and what I've done and I like the experiences I've had and the wisdom I've attained. I think talking to my friends who are all the same age, really helps. We can laugh about it together.

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